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Why do dogs..

1. Lick themselves so much?

Dogs lick themselves clean with a quick lick every now and then, but licking the same spot over and over again is not a good sign, keep reading to find out why:

🐾 Boredom: Licking their skin or fur keeps them occupied. This is very common in pooches who suffer from separation anxiety.

🐾 Injury: Dogs’ natural instinct is to lick grazes and cuts. Make sure you cover the wound so your doggo doesn’t infect it with mouth bacteria.

🐾 Skin Issue: Dogs will try to calm dry, itchy skin by licking. Inflamed or irritated paws can be a sign of parasitic infection. Make sure you consult a vet.

🐾 Chronic Pain: To soothe the pain, dogs will lick areas that are bothering them. This is a very common effect of arthritis. Learn more about it: @canine_arthritis

2. Eat grass ?

Chances are, you have caught your doggo munching grass at least once.

While there are no scientific studies behind it, here are a few guesses:

🍀It’s a doggie delicacy and they simply enjoy the taste and texture.

🍀Grass is a good source of fiber. It helps bodily functions run smoothly. Warning: If your pooch is eating grass, has no appetite for other foods, has decreased energy, diarrhea/constipation, see your vet.

🍀Dogs are bored. When they crave human interaction and feel neglected, eating grass is their coping mechanism or they might even do it to grab attention.

Should you let your pooch eat grass?

Grass itself is NOT harmful, BUT chemicals sprayed on it are toxic. Also, dogs can ingest parasites and a long list of worms from contaminated grass .

3. Have whiskers ?

Apart from being an extra cute feature on their snoots, can you believe little whiskers have all these incredible functions:

⭐️perceive change in air currents

⭐️pick up ground vibrations

⭐️collect info about size and speed of animals approaching

⭐️evaluate space to determine if doggo will fit

4. Tilt their heads ?

If you ever played a squeaky sound for your dog, you most likely experienced the cutest little head tilt reaction. They do this because it helps them pinpoint where the noise is coming from more quickly. Fun fact: Humans are actually quicker to locate where a sound is coming from!

OR... When they look straight into your eyes and tilt their heads, they do it to broaden their range of vision, better understand and focus on our facial cues.

5. Noses change color ?

Have you heard of ‘Dog Snow Nose’?❄️

This hyperpigmentation condition can turn a doggo’s black nose pink or a brown nose light brown during the cold months. There is nothing to worry about, this little temporary nose makeover will be gone as soon as winter season is gone.

Why does it happen? Scientists have yet to solve this mystery🔎

6. Stare into your eyes when they poop ?

While the intense eye contact may seem awkward to us humans, your pup is just trying to keep himself safe and comfortable. He is in a vulnerable position and you are his fellow pack member on a lookout for danger.

So by locking eyes with you, he is trusting you to protect him♥️

5. Circle around before peeing?

Turns out they circle around to make peeing easier.

💛 A little physical activity gets their digestive system ready so they can pee fast and smoothly.

💛 Dogs also think repetitive circling smooths down the area for a comfy, tidy potty experience.

💛 Last but not least, by circling, their paws leave a scent trail behind that help label their turf.

What dog questions would you like to hear next?

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